This is one of my jobs at work. And this is me.

Th3 works. auther

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This will hopefully help a female get thru the harder times doing what we do.

Let’s face it change isn’t easy but it’s inevitable. We’re trying to change how the entire world views the hiring and then working with and sometimes firing a diverse work crew men and women strong. The complex system is in need of an overhaul. That means many opposing belief systems forced to work closely together. Angry unhappy men that don’t like change may make life hard on a younger female just starting out. Self entitled women who think they’re owed special treatment. Do you wanna help one or a billion.

this is just some of what i do at my job.

Those 2 haul trucks contain the main reasons for 11 tips to surviving construction for women

I also do the water truck.
In this it just shows me loading my water truck. I look sad. Lol

My story needs to be told

After a while and I’ve built a bit more of a following I want to share my story. It is full of stupid mistakes and bad people but becomes epic as the good guys turn it around. A couple of really amazing guys helped me make it thru the most scary time of my career. It is a love story turned nightmare. Has family drama, a love triangle, twists and turns. It is why my 11 tips are tried and true. All the articles I post are about things I have dealt with. My blog posts are just my silly life. No big deal.

Surprise it’s me

Please comment or better yet connect with me. Tell me your opinion Or your story.

So this isn’t going to be as fun or informative if people don’t participate. Are you an auther with an opposing point of view? Are you another woman in a different trade or type of male dominated career willing to tell your story? You know like a cop? Are you another female interested in mentoring? Hit the contact button and shoot me a text or an email or whatever. Even just comment. It will be these things that will make this website better. I’m practically begging you all to participate. DO IT!

Participate and tell your story

One more small request from the creator of TH3 WORKS.

Please share this website. It will change everything. If you just share it on you fb or Instagram or with one friend that’ll help me and hopefully many new females trying to do the damn thing.


  1. Woman is the Mother of Mankind
    Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization
    Woman is man’s first teacher
    Woman is smarter than man
    Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman
    Woman you meet 1 Man out of 100 with 99 hanging in the balance

    By: Van Prince

          1. You too. Trying to represent an authentic me. It’s hard to be real sometimes on social media. I too am a poet and quote writer. Sadly no college education. Youth was a time of being a slacker and many regrets.

            1. When God endow you with certain gifts those gifts will make you a success story-I’ve attended one college and two universities and was suspended from each one but God instilled within my soul to be a writer and poet. Know this about education, and you can asked a million what is an educated person and get a million difference answeres. *An Educated Person Is A person Who Knows Where To Go And Get Knowledge At*

              1. And there are so many. I just want to know more about people and why we are the way we are. I can’t get enough. Drives my loved ones crazy to hear “why? ” all the time

              2. Experience and observation are great teachers to learn people, but The Introduction To Psychology and Psychology 101 is a priceless source to study into the behavior of people. I have learnt informally and formally: “Friendship is more valuable than all Ships”_-Van Prince *&* on the otherside of that coin is: “You can be most sure of anything except People.” _Van Prince

              3. Yes I’m enjoying you as well as I work the night away. I’m about to post something. I hope you like it.

              4. I just awoke to drink a cup of coffee and will return to bed in half hour. I would want to do thestory of your life or at least pen somequotes and poems for you!

You're just jealous you can't do it.