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Born in Vegas raised in Missouri til 13 went back to Vegas and 15 went back to Missouri and 17 i came to Vegas been in Nevada ever since. Obtained my ged in 1997 a year before I should’ve graduated. 2003 got my commercial drivers license. This was right after leaving first husband and right when I met husband number 2.


I am not the only girl of my times still facing serious issues when it comes to my career and being the only chick working in the actual pit or mine. I wish growing up i had a mentor or a female to say stop acting like a tough guy, Jillanne. You’re a female. Act like a lady. In my mind I thought women to be weaker too. No. WOMEN ARE STRONG. Just be a lady. Here you’ll see my story and hopefully other women will connect with me and you’ll see their stories. I’ll try to post daily but I work 50 or more hours a week so every other week I can guarantee a new post.

Our future depends on our daughters

Please understand I’m not trying to build a movement or hate men. As a matter of fact I love men. Oh yes I do. This is for the next generation and us too. We need to mentor these women so they don’t quit before they get it in.

I don’t wanna think about young women giving up feeling powerless. No. Wether it be less pay than a man or being stifled and unable to advance at that moment because a man is intimidated by her or even feeling icky because some prick thinks it’s ok to talk about her big beautiful butt. Hang tough. Take notes. Connect. And that’s what this is all about

Also please email me your story or an anecdote about your job and the dudes you work with. Right now my night crew they are all amazing hard working men. I love working with these guys. They treat me like a lady and that means more to me than I have words for.

See man and woman strong working ❤together


You're just jealous you can't do it.