5 things women face working in a male dominated field.

As a young female in my industry I was clueless to the issues women still face in the work force. It did not take long till all 5 of the difficulties popped up. Learning the hard way how to manage these challenges it seems a solid idea to spread the word. We have a voice let’s use it.

Another day in the pit

1. Societal expectations and beliefs about women’s leadership abilities.

Due to the inner battle I have faced in life beliefs about women’s capacities in leadership have held me back. After all this is what we know. This life and what we’re shown. To combat this belief system build confidence and be sure of yourself. You don’t set out your day to be a leader. People will follow if you’re doing the damn thing and not taking what society says into consideration. Women can be dominate and take charge. We can multi task we do it for our families daily. You can lead ladies.

Long hours red eyes

2. Pervasive stereotypes, such as that of the “caring mother” or “office housekeeper”.

Oh this one is annoying. I just let it go and avoid who ever tries to make me mommy them or clean for them. You aren’t hired to be the site mom. Get out there and make yourself useful.

3.Higher stress and anxiety compared to women working in other fields.

It is certainly stressful. Another story for later will be my experience last year. But right now I can say I always have to go that extra mile to be the best otherwise I’m thought of as not good and if I’m truly honest I’ll think of myself as not good enough. Really being on top the best day in day out is impossible. Am I wrong? We all have days. This job or life CAN beat us up. Be forgiving to yourself and others.

Night shift comes with a view

4. Lack of mentoring and career development opportunities.

This is so very true. Throughout my career sure there were some female coworkers. Tread carefully. They’ve had their own struggles. Be supportive but keep work and personal life separate. Be a mentor to anyone struggling with their position and always stand by your female coworkers. On the flip side of this coin some women aren’t going to be this way. They’ll be competitive which in itself Is no issue but combined with meaness and jealousy things can get catty.

5. Sexual harassment

Being attractive and in my industry some of these guys behave as if they’ve never seen a pretty girl before. Having a sense of humor doesn’t mean letting sexist jokes slide. This isn’t funny. Try wrestling with ruining a man’s career or try to handle it alone. Trying to be “cool” or like “one of the guys” makrs checking these boys nearly impossible. They don’t take it seriously. Lesson hard learned.

Hillary Clinton

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on,” 

Hillary Clinton

Ending this with a quote. I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment. Wanna get involved? Do it.

Author: Jillanne Faye


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