Tuesday and in my favorite spot

Hello everyone. Just checking in. Been working days and been to busy to post. I’ve also been writing my next article. It’s a good one full of info and tips.

Work life

Life has been really cool. Since starting this website I’ve learned so much about “the movement”, different associations, and even myself and current job. When I first began this journey I just wanted to get info out and mentor however I can to empower other women. I love men. I’m usually one if the guys even in my personal life. They deal with sexism and harassment just like us. Women are thought to be all about the home maker arts and men take care of the fixing things and trash. Sexism is clearly a problem but starting this blog wasn’t my main issue. Now I see how important it is women get equality. We are usually not as physically strong but we bring other things to the table men do not including intuition.

I learned of https://www.nawic.org/nawic/default.asp#mobile-menu there’s an office 5 minutes from my house. I’m absolutely gonna look in to these ladies. They are geared for construction trades. Offering classes and mentoring. I’m excited for this

What this has shown me about myself was not only did I lack confidence I also lacked social sense at work. Since then I’ve gained confidence in my abilities thanks in part to my amazing boss.

I don’t hate men! I’m not fond of people in general.

Want to take a moment to say I’m not a man hating feminist. There are so many good guys out there enjoying the diverse work environment and encourage us. My shift at night all the guys are super amazing and respectful. My boss. He’s in a league all his own. That man is a saint dealing with all us assholes. I digress….

Back to what my blog has taught me

Also how I had been socializing at work with my peers was just unsafe. Made them friends and the one that tried to ruin me he wore me down till we were together. All of that lead to terrible trouble and deep emotional pain that I had to face at work. Not something I recommend other ladies try. I’ve changed how I behave and work is going so well.

Ok back to work. Thanks for reading. Please reach out.

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