Haters gonna hate!

“Don’t hate. Participate.” B-RAD G-EZY

Being a female working with primarily guys you will find Haters.

For the most part if you’re exuding confidence, practicing selective socialization, and doing your job your coworkers will be supportive and sometimes even playful. Where I work is fun because of the people that work here. That is for the most part. You’ll find those that speak to you as if you’re a child. You’ll find those that give you the wrong information on purpose so you’ll mess up. Dangerous. You’ll find those that will not even acknowledge your existence. There’s always those that believe women are on this planet for their pleasure being crude rude and downright perverted. You’ll even find those that are openly hostile. It’s because of all these types we keep notes and keep to ourselves.

We all need a little help sometimes.

You can’t avoid asking for help sometimes. It’s work and unless you’re super human you’re gonna run across problems you may not be equipped to deal with. It was uncomfortable asking a known hater for help. It didn’t go bad but a couple of times. Bosses hate hearing “but he said…” they want to hear you own up. Accepting responsibility for things not my fault was not ok. The best thing is to rise above this. The positive effects of doing the thing wrong is you’ll remember the right way better or at the very least know NOT to do it like that rotten person said. To avoid this trap ask more than one person. Call or text if necessary. Make sure you document the incident.


I’m not stupid damn it.

This particular behavior really makes me angry. This particular “hater” is more than annoying. The thing is coworkers can be competitive and will try to make you Look and feel dumb. I distanced myself from coworkers because of these games.

Big toys for girls and boys

I’m not invisible dude

Out of all the “haters” mentioned in this post the person that’s ignoring, you is the easiest. He’s’s not putting you in danger on purpose. He’s not trying to really do anything but ignore you all together. This could be a problem if you’re forced to work together. Don’t push these guys. Sometimes they need more time than the others for you to show them you’re about it at work so just be patient. They don’t wanna get themselves in trouble and that keeps you outta trouble.

Psst I am right here.

Work isn’t a place to fraternize.

Ok I get it. I work with some attractive hard working men. It’s so easy to say fuck the “don’t date at work” rule and go out with a coworker. My God, is this a stupid thing to do. It starts as basic sexual harrassment. Instead of reporting it like you should have this creep will wear you down till you date him. So many bad things can happen Fact is ladies we need to set our boundries and if they’re crossed you absolutely have to act. Some men just can’t control their mouth or even their hands. Unacceptable. Plain and simple. You are worth more than what’s between your legs. Don’t let anyone demean you in this way at work. Many will lose respect for you and you don’t want that.

Respect yourself.

Someone needs a chill pill foreal.

running into someone openly hostile towards you is scary. Verbal hostility happened to me before. Telling the company you work for and documenting any verbal hostility is a good course of action. Your notes need to be thorough and dated. As far as physical hostility at work is concerned, it’s not happened to me yet. If a man has physically attacked you there’s no other option but to report this. Feel sorry for this man’s romantic relationships. If he’s doing this to you, a coworker, then imagine how he treats those he loves and is around him in personal life.

I pray no women are going thru this at work.


Haters” are all over. They’re at work and in our personal lives. “Haters” gonna hate and that’s fine. Keep doing you. Stay focused on your goals and appreciate your “fans” watching and criticizing your every move.

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