I’m blown away doing research.

Hello every one. Another great day in the quarry. Day shift has been great this time. The good guys win and it feels amazing. Also I out shined myself. Thanks to this blog I found my confidence. Talk about hard lesson learned. Just that alone has changed my entire life. Blog and boss helped build that confidence in myself and my work.

Love this stuff. So blessed.

That being said, doing research for my next article has brought something out. My next article is about men doing more “feminine” type jobs. We don’t encourage our young men to cross that line. I figured it was about the money…. what I have learned struck me. We all know I’m not a feminist who hates men for the sake that they are men. I love the opposite sex. Most of my friends are men. I’m heterosexual so there’s that. But what I learned made me angry. I don’t blame our men. I honestly haven’t learned who is at fault here. FAULT MATTERS VERY LITTLE. JUST A SOLUTION.

How can we change an entire societies views on all things feminine?

How do we change the world?

This blog is starting to gear towards the movement.

Never thought THAT would happen.

when this was started I just wanted to get a simple message to girls that they can do whatever they want even play in the dirt all day and get paid. I knew very little about gender equality tho it’s been a big part of my daily life for decades. In doing TH3 WORKS here on WordPress I’ve had to research issues because I want to be accurate in my info and message. Ladies this issue isn’t just in this country it’s world wide. And it’s not just an employment issue. It’s an out right discrimination against all things feminine. Now some people may blame our men. I’m not thinking that. How did this happen? We are mothers and beautiful.

Feminine is power and beauty.

Thinking of starting up donations to bring awareness.

I hate that not enough folks are educated on the facts. Even me. I’m barely scratching the surface here.

Thank you so much for reading.

Auther Jillanne Faye

You're just jealous you can't do it.