Can’t reach your destination with procrastination.

A bit of poetry

It is with great hesitation we get thru this presentation. Putting off this creation to enjoy that lazy sensation.

When you put off what needs to get done….

Already a rough week the boss said don’t come in tonight midweek dayshift road truck Thursday. Not good news. Saturday my glasses disappeared from the water truck. Been blind but procrastinating the eye Dr not only for days, But for 2 years. Not only was the eye Dr on the avoid at all costs list, but so was the dmv. There was a chance I wasn’t road legal. Had to tell the boss. Then called Hilda the dispatch for our road trucks. Then the head honcho, Mr m. Let’s just say he was less than pleased. He had every right to be. At the dmv 4 different things needed to be handled.

Now 2 days no pay😬

Luckily Mr M. was pretty nice about it all. He did say how important keeping up on all my cdl stuff was. I felt terrible for not being prepared. When a driver can’t be there they have to rent a whole truck and driver. Can’t be cheap.

If it’s your living don’t even cut it close.

He told me that my cdl is super important and keeping it up to date and taking care of all that is needed for my cdl to maintain my job was more than necessary to my way of living. He kindly made sure I got the time off needed. 7 hours at the dmv and all those issues were gone. Then emergency glasses were made up from my favorite sunglasses by a hero named Josie. I managed with alot of luck to handle it in one day leaving me broke but no longer blind or concerned that my cdl wasn’t in affect.

New glasses
Love those glasses

The end

You're just jealous you can't do it.