About me and my website

Why did I start doing this?

I started this to help other females feel not so alone. My story is embarrassing because of the mistakes I’ve made that taught the lessons needed to write these posts. It’s something I’m passionate about. Honestly it was a belief that turned out false but it was a surprise to realize that gender inequality was still an issue. It needed to be announced. More and more the thought nagged until th3 works was born.

A lovely idea

Short list of some reasons to put this out on blast.

  • Women need to be supportive of each other
  • Girls need to see women doing these jobs typically dominated by men.
  • By sharing our experiences and “hard lessons learned” we can do our part in moving women one step further in equality in the work force.
  • By sharing my life and career with you and applying wisdom some if my wisdom and possibly maybe even help another female find her power.

Our power comes from practiced confidence.

Let’s mentor our daughters

It’s fair to say we should have the right to do whatever we want to make money. My dad used to say “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It is my belief that the things labeled as feminine should be valued much better. It’s crazy I couldn’t do what some of these women do. Run a household with many kids keeping it clean and organized and being completely supportive of everyone I care for and even some hold jobs on top of all that. It’s impressive and often thankless. There needs to be change but until then let’s show the girls they can do ANYTHING.

That’s me jillanne Faye.

Need to be heard. Let’s all have a voice here. Opposing opinions bring it on. Females in other male dominated jobs share some things. Write an article. Let me post it. It’ll really make this worth that much more.

You're just jealous you can't do it.