It’s no big secret!

Don’t tell em

People are funny. Especially my people.

Maybe it’s just my experience but those closest to me are the weirdest and most honest and vocal humans in existence. Is that a reflection of what is jillanne? Unique and opinionated is more appropriate.

What do they think?

Since starting this blog some friends and another slightly closer have shared some of their opinions. They were all men.

I bet

Another’s perspective is golden.

Hearing others thoughts on most subjects [including gender equality] is the reason for living. Opposing ideas invoke thought. Trying to understand the perspective of another human being is crucial. They were defensive when sharing their thoughts. First of all men today can hardly be held responsible. I’m not angry with men. This is just what we were born in.

A couple of friends felt these articles hypocritical.

Mean mugging little girl

If they read any revisions or even rough posts they’d notice how wrong they are. Time to clear up any misconceptions.

Psssst don’t tell anyone, buuuuut….


Surprise! years of doing things without thinking of others made for many dramas. Running into wall after wall making enemies and looking like an idiot. Even to this day following my own rules is sometimes hard. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment.

Grrrr nobody likes to feel dumb
No pain no gain

How can we help.

No I’m not an ideal role model. Not in my opinion, but the need is there. I try to do right even in my human self centered condition.

Not bad for an uncultured swine


I can speak to a group of girls that may be more like me. Unpolished unrefined and sadly uneducated.Trying not to be a hypocritical hot mess. Just trying to make things better and be a part of something bigger.

The end♡

Even if we feel shitty.

Working is important to living a life you desire. With out money there is little a person can do. The more you work the more you make. Education and knowledge matter as well. Let’s face it without a job you’re at the mercy of society and that’s not forgiving.

Poverty isn’t pretty

Must look fly

My skin needs lotion and I need name brand shoes, pants, shirts, well, everything. Without work that pays me finding a man that’s working would be imperative to a desirable lifestyle. Since answering to some dude isn’t appealing I’ll get my lazy ass up. Looking good is natural for me but it takes a few bucks to polish the pretty out of all this.

Rockin’the adidas

Feel sick? Not today, Satan. Not today.

Feeling like death warmed over? Still work. Why? Because crap isn’t free. From toes to nose there’s something to buy. With out it can’t look fly. On days like today snuggled close to my lover only my truck payment motivated movement. After much wining and moaning and groaning gathered clothes for work and slowly made it out the door. Leaving warm loving hands to make sure we had the things in which we desire.

Goodbyes suck but paychecks are awesome

A gift from the universe for doing the right thing.

Just think. This beautiful sunset was here waiting for me. I would’ve missed this magic had I not left my warm loves embrace.

My gift from the universe for showing up. Beautiful sunset.


In closing it isn’t always what I want to do and surely there are those that relate. Working keeps things smooth and my ass in doors not taking the bus. Thank God for the career I have. But if anyone has any passive income ideas that actually work and pay feel free to share.

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