Even if we feel shitty.

Working is important to living a life you desire. With out money there is little a person can do. The more you work the more you make. Education and knowledge matter as well. Let’s face it without a job you’re at the mercy of society and that’s not forgiving.

Poverty isn’t pretty

Must look fly

My skin needs lotion and I need name brand shoes, pants, shirts, well, everything. Without work that pays me finding a man that’s working would be imperative to a desirable lifestyle. Since answering to some dude isn’t appealing I’ll get my lazy ass up. Looking good is natural for me but it takes a few bucks to polish the pretty out of all this.

Rockin’the adidas

Feel sick? Not today, Satan. Not today.

Feeling like death warmed over? Still work. Why? Because crap isn’t free. From toes to nose there’s something to buy. With out it can’t look fly. On days like today snuggled close to my lover only my truck payment motivated movement. After much wining and moaning and groaning gathered clothes for work and slowly made it out the door. Leaving warm loving hands to make sure we had the things in which we desire.

Goodbyes suck but paychecks are awesome

A gift from the universe for doing the right thing.

Just think. This beautiful sunset was here waiting for me. I would’ve missed this magic had I not left my warm loves embrace.

My gift from the universe for showing up. Beautiful sunset.


In closing it isn’t always what I want to do and surely there are those that relate. Working keeps things smooth and my ass in doors not taking the bus. Thank God for the career I have. But if anyone has any passive income ideas that actually work and pay feel free to share.

Author jillanne Faye

6 reasons you should take on the challenge of a male dominated career.

1. The money, baby

Let’s just get it out in the open right now. For many labor and construction gigs a person needs little education. Still they can support a family of 5 with their paycheck. I call that “man money”. At 23 I found myself unable to work in casinos for a while and I only had a GED so basically no real chance to make any real money. In 1 month I could have my commercial driver’s license making nearly 20 an hour. 20 bucks an hour was going to change my life.

Man money

2. Challenging and rewarding work

The challenge isn’t just the work. It is silencing a mind that wakes up saying “you don’t belong here. This job is too good for you. You are an imposter”. It is ignoring folks that wanna convince you the same. It is being afraid of doing a certain thing and then doing it anyway to succeed and feel confident and even pride for your accomplishments. The gratitude, pride, and confidence are some of the rewards.

There is a short short little lady in that first cat hauler there.

3. Standing for equality

Just suiting up and showing up is doing more than getting you a weekly paycheck. You are helping to change the world and how it views women. Especially if you follow a few simple guidelines. Talk about making a difference no more. By doing what you do in a male dominated field you become the change. How easy? Stand tall and feel like a boss ass babe cuz that’s what you’ll be.

4. A large family of brothers

Yes ma’am this right here is fact. In some articles you’ll read how to avoid the bad seeds or how to manage them. Truth be told the majority of men you work with are supportive and want to protect you. It is such a good feeling. Just go in do your job to your best ability and mind your business and your brothers will have your back.

These could be your brothers

Brag about it

5. A role model

A young girl will see you and what you do and think “wow I wanna be like her” without seeing women doing these jobs they won’t even think to try. You get to be a reason another little girl will go after what she really wants. Get it, girl.

6. Independence

As far as the construction trades are concerned this is true. Today is a perfect example. Running big rock trucks in iffy spaces dumping over edges very safely probably. It was an amazing and challenging day. I love my job. Today I got many “atta girl”s and faced a few fears. Um talk about feeling strong and independent. The money means not having to depend on anyone but yourself to make it. Buy your own car your own home and your own vacation.

Independent strong lady in this photo

In conclusion.

Now you see only a few solid reasons why to pursue a career in a field not necessarily tailored to our gender. 6. reasons that inspire.

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